Sure Step

Fibreglass Simplicity

The Sure Step™ is as fast as you are, maybe faster, the results are still out. Easy to store, easy to fold, and easy to carry, this double sided step stool was voted most likely to win a medal in the ladder speed trials . . . at least, it would be, if those existed.

Oversized Feet

Sure Step comes with oversized, slip-resistant feet keep your ladder exactly where you put it, whether that’s on solid ground or a grated surface.


At under 4kg, and made from durable, lightweight fiberglass, the Sure Step makes getting there the easy part.

Quick set-up

No locks, no bolts, and no degree in ladder folding needed. The Sure Step’s nylon spreader straps mean moving to the next job is as easy as grabbing the top step and walking away.

Fully-boxed rails & steps

These sturdy steps are climbable on both sides, they support a straddle position so you can easily change working directions, and the split top step means you have a wide platform when you’re furthest from the ground.


3 Step

Sure Step
Part NumberModelHighest Standing LevelStep DepthMax Reach HeightStorage HeightStorage Width at BaseStorage DepthWeight
LSST33 Step0.68m79mm2.68m0.73m0.47m0.2m3.6kg

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