About Little Giant Ladders

Some 50 years ago, Harold ‘Hal’ Wing, met a German painter who had an interesting idea and a primitive prototype of a new kind of ladder. Hal enhanced the ladder and engineered what is now known as the strongest, safest, most versatile ladder in the world – the Little Giant Ladder System®.

Working side-by-side with his wife Brigitte and their seven children, Hal built Little Giant Ladder Systems® on a foundation of quality and innovation. Gradually, both the DIY-ers and professionals began to recognise the Little Giant Ladder System as the best ladder in the world.

Little Giant is currently sold in over 50 countries all over the world.

Hal and Brigitte Wing built their company and their people on a guiding principle that every rung, every rivet, and every weld matters – because every person matters. This principle is the reason Little Giant continues to innovate and improve climbing equipment today. We are in business to prevent injuries and save lives.

In an analysis done by the New Zealand Department of Labour on falls in the construction industry from 2007-2009*, falls from a temporary structure (ladders, trestles and scaffold) made up the largest group of incidents, at just under half the total number of the 340 cases examined.

Of this group, over half of these falls were falls from ladders.

Five of the nine fatal accidents examined were as a result of a fall from a temporary structure.

These statistics highlight just how crucial it is for your equipment to be of the highest standard when working at height.

We are driven not by the number of ladders we build, but by the individuals who use them—the hard-working men and women of the world that are the back bone of industry and progress. They are dedicated working people with families, hopes and dreams.

If we can help one more of these people get home safely each day, we will have done our job!

*Labour & Immigration Research Centre. Falling Short in Workplace Safety – An analysis of falls in the construction sector. Wellington: Department of Labour, 2012..

About Staffy Scaffolding LTD

Little Giant Ladders are distributed in New Zealand by Staffy Scaffold LTD.

Since our establishment in 2010, we have developed, manufactured and distributed our mobile aluminium scaffold systems throughout New Zealand. Today, our wide distribution network includes all of the building industry’s largest trade merchants.

Being New Zealand owner-operated, we take pride in our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and provide a custom-made solution. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our Retail Store Managers and their customers, and naturally we asked, “What’s next? What else would make working at height easier? Better? Safer?”

We were answered by the demand for a range of high quality, cost-effective and multi-purpose ladders.

We are proud to bring Little Giant Ladders to New Zealand, and offer our customers a superb range of ladders, along with the commitment and service that has become synonymous with Staffy!

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