Stand Tall

The Sentinel lets you get closer to the task at-hand than a standard A-frame offers. The Little Giant® Sentinel combines two ladders in one, leaning ladder & an A-Frame ladder, making it a versatile tool to help you get stuff done with confidence.

Extra-wide Comfort Steps

At 7.9cm wide, the steps on the Sentinel are already comfortable, but the very top standing steps is where the Sentinel really shines. The top rungs is set at 15.9cm for maximum foot comfort while standing atop the ladder.

Rotating Wall pad

With such a large footprint the rotating wallpad allows you to safely set up your ladders on inner and outer corners, flat walls, and studs in a leaning postion, preventing slipping.

Alerts users to the last step, avoiding injuries

20-30% of all ladder injuries worldwide come from users stepping off the ladder from the second to last step, thinking that it’s the last. Ground Cue makes an audible “click” to let you know you have safely reached the ground.

Rail locks

The Sentinel’s easy-to-use Rail Locks keep rails together while in the leaning position, storage and transit, and can easily be released for use in the stepladder position.


10 Step / 12 Step

Part NumberModelMax Highest Standing Level Max ReachMax FootprintStep WidthStorage HeightStorage WidthStorage DepthWeight
LSNT1010 Step2.34m4.34m1.62m7.9cm3.17m0.66m17.8cm18kg
LSNT1212 Step2.92m4.92m1.90m7.9cm3.78m0.71m17.8cm21kg

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