Everyone needs an ultra-functional stepladder. If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable-to-use stepladder that helps you safely reach those high places, the MightyLite™ is the right ladder for the job, with a 150kg commercial load rating.

Lightweight Fiberglass

The MightyLite is a lightweight fiberglass stepladder that weighs 15% less than traditional fiberglass stepladders. The lightweight ladder reduces injuries associated from carrying heavy equipment. Plus, with its Hi-Viz green color, you will be able to avoid having people or objects bump into your ladder while it is in use.

Comfortable Standing Platform

As you climb your MightyLite, you will notice that the 3” rungs are extra-wide with treads to prevent slipping and foot fatigue. Upon reaching the top of the ladder, you can stand on the 165 square inch standing platform. This platform reduces dangerous falls and is comfortable to stand on for extended periods while working.

Ground Cue®

Don’t be one of the many individuals who are injured while missing the bottom rung of the ladder. When you step on the bottom rung, Ground Cue® audibly clicks, alerting you that you have safely reached the ground.

Innovative Top Cap

The innovative top cap features hooks, port holes, slots and grooves to keep your materials within reach while atop the ladder.


2 Step / 3 Step / 4 Step / 6 Step

Part NumberModelHighest Standing LevelMax ReachStorage WidthWeight
LML22 Step0.55m2.55m0.5m6kg
LML33 Step0.85m2.85m0.55m7kg
LML44 Step1.15m3.1m0.55m9kg
LML66 Step1.75m3.7m0.6m11.5kg

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