Select Step Fibreglass

Lightweight Telescopic Platform

The versatility and stability of the Select Step makes it the perfect ladder for stairways and slopes. Lightweight and non-conductive, it makes working on stairwells safe and comfortable.


It’s an electrician’s dream come true. Made from lightweight, durable fiberglass, you can work around electricity without fear of conductivity. 

Wide Flared Legs

While climbing and working on a ladder, you need to feel comfortable and secure, and that’s where the Select Step makes it stand.

Comfortable Platform

Foot fatigue is frustrating, but with the comfortable standing platform on the Select Step, you will be able to comfortably work for long periods without your feet aching.

Airdeck sold separately as accessory

You use your ladder to get stuff done and the AirDeck® accessory ports make it even easier to do so. Attach the Little Giant AirDeck to the Select Step ladder, so you can have a convenient workstation at the top of the ladder. It also doubles as a safety handrail to minimize feelings of vertigo while working up high. The AirDeck does not come with the ladder.


4-6 Step / 5-8 Step

Select Step Fibreglass
Part NumberModelMax Reach HeightHighest Standing Level Min Highest Standing Level MaxStorage HeightStorage Width at BaseStorage DepthWeight
LSSF44-6 Step3.73m1.15m1.72m1.54m0.7m14.5cm14kg
LSSF55-8 Step4.3m1.45m2.3m1.85m0.8m14.5cm18kg

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