Leveler 4 step

MORE than just an All-in-One Ladder

Using a ladder outdoors has always had its challenges, but the Little Giant® Leveler™ changes that experience. Whether you work on unlevel ground or set up your ladder on a staircase, the Leveler can handle it. Meeting or exceeding all AS/NZS standards, the Leveler is rated to hold 150kg, in all configurations. In A-frame, it will hold 150kg on both sides.

Adjustable Ratchet™ Leg Levelers

Uneven terrain? Not a problem. With the Ratchet™ leg levelers, you can adjust the ladder’s legs in seconds, allowing you to stabilize the ladder on unlevel ground. The retractable legs yield more than 178mm of leveling adjustment.

Multi-Position Ladder

The Leveler is the ladder that helps you complete any given task with ease. Set up the ladder in different configurations that suit the project at hand, like A-frame, extension, staircase, 90-degree or trestle-and-plank scaffolding. It’s also fast and easy to change positions with the patented Rapid Lock™, no more struggling to find the hole for the clips on either side, the Rapid Locks™ clip into position on their own. Just twist and clip.

Easy Glide™ wheels

Tired of carrying around your heavy TV ladder? The Easy Glide™ wheels come standard on every Leveler All-in-One Ladder which means that you will never have to carry your Leveler, simply push or pull it to where you need it. Easy.

Leveler 4 step


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